Prophet Muhammad and Children

The Prophet Muhammad and Children

An all round role model, he was respected by leaders, emulated by his followers, and surprisingly, loved and cherished by children. The Prophet Muhammad and Children Prophet Muhammad, may God…

Madrasah - The Islamic School

Madrasah The Islamic School

Madrasah, meaning ‘school’, is an Arabic word derived from the root word “Da-ra-sa”, literally meaning “a place where learning and studying are done”. The term Madrasah is usually used specifically in reference…

Mohamed al-Beltagy's letter to his Martyred daughter Asmaa

Mohamed al-Beltagy’s letter to his Martyred daughter Asmaa

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed al-Beltagy wrote a letter to his daughter Esmaa (Asmaa) martyred on Wednesday in Rabaa al-Adawiya Below is a translation of the original letter: My beloved daughter and…

How Memory Works - Poor Memory and Its Causes

Poor Memory and Its Causes

Poor Memory and Its Causes Hakan Coruh Memory is one of the purposes of the brain, and it is described as the ability to protect acquired information consciously and connect…

World Muslims Condemn Egypt’s ‘Massacre’

Massacre of Egyptian Peaceful Protesters

CAIRO – Terrified by horrible images of bloodshed, world Muslim groups have condemned the massacre of hundreds during Egypt’s security crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters camping in Rabaa Al-Adaweya and Nahda…

The Rights of Allaah (SWT)

The Rights of Allaah (SWT)

The rights of Allaah (SWT) are many.  SubhanAllaah imagine, it is because of Him we are here, because of Him we have everything we need and so much more.  This…

5 Time Management Tips

5 Time Management Tips for Muslims!

5 Time Management Tips – By Zohra Sarwari “By (the Token of) Time (through the ages), Verily mankind is in loss, Except those who have faith, and do righteous good deeds,…

No Gossip in Ramadan

This Ramadan, Watch Your Tongue (No Gossip)

Spiritual energy, motivation, and high ambition are very crucial sides of Ramadan for almost every Muslim. Having that strong will to get over our desires and even our very basic needs


Halalgoogling – Islamic Search Engine

An Islamic Search Engine (Halalgoogling) that blocks Haram (forbidden) content “according to Islam. This search engine is an alternative for the existing search engines that don’t satisfy the needs of…

Photographer Converts to Islam

Photographer, Who Finds Allah in Nature

A Swedish Photographer Discovers Islam A Photographer Finds Allah in Nature I was born into an ordinary, non-religious Swedish home, but one that had very loving relationships. I had lived…